Sadie And The Hotheads - Nothing New (2013)

Director Craig Hinde - Role, Camera Operator

A Dream I Had (2013)

Director Brian Harley - Role, Boom swinger.

Dystopia, Short Film (2012)

Dir. Duncan Woodhouse - Currently in Post Production.

Eventide. Short Film (2012)

Dir. Brian Harley. Screened on the Community Channel, Nominated Best Arthouse Film, Stratford Fringe Festival. Winner Best Music, Braine Hownd, London.

Kiss, Short Film (2012)

Dir. Cathy Brady - Currently in Post Production.

24 Jul 2011


I've been all over recently and will be on the road again this Sunday for Brute Force in Rayleigh, Essex.
I other news I've been collaborating with the Cinematic Theatre Trailer pioneers at Dusthouse to create the new trailer for 'The Homecoming at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

There's another project in pipeline but I'm keeping that hush hush for a while.... lets just say its pretty big!

Remember back in January I reported shooting for Birmingham Science Museum - Think Tank? I found this screen shot of the exhibition in action today :)


16 Jul 2011

Toy Town - Experiment


I've set myself a couple of personal projects. Recently I've developed a fascination for time lapse photography. One of my projects is to create a moving photo documentary of my home town, Nuneaton. This will be stylised to make the town look 'miniature', like a model. To do this I'll be using some camera and editing trickery.

Heres a test shot I've created today..

5 Jul 2011

Layin' Pipe

Hey, last weekend was The Annual Bosworth Charity Raft Race held at Bosworth Water Park and I went along to record my friends team lose in dramatic fashion. Layin Pipe was a mass of empty water fountain bottles crudely gaffered taped, cable tied and cling filmed together in hope to make a raft that would win. The enormity of the task soon dawned on them and it became more about taking part than even finishing.

This was a learning curve and I'm sure they'll have a better boat next year.