Sadie And The Hotheads - Nothing New (2013)

Director Craig Hinde - Role, Camera Operator

A Dream I Had (2013)

Director Brian Harley - Role, Boom swinger.

Dystopia, Short Film (2012)

Dir. Duncan Woodhouse - Currently in Post Production.

Eventide. Short Film (2012)

Dir. Brian Harley. Screened on the Community Channel, Nominated Best Arthouse Film, Stratford Fringe Festival. Winner Best Music, Braine Hownd, London.

Kiss, Short Film (2012)

Dir. Cathy Brady - Currently in Post Production.

24 Dec 2011

Ho Ho Ho..

Way back in the realms of Summer, Brian Harley of Short Night Films approached me with an interesting project. The project: Shoot a pilot for a childrens TV show. His idea was to revamp classic TV show 'The Monkees' with a modern twist.. and here it is..

The Prospects are a real band and the songs featured are their own. They have a refreshing grunge/ punk feel to their sound, couple this with their upbeat nature and enthusiasm, and I'm sure you'll agree they are going to go far.
The pilot itself is aimed at the 7+ bracket and will be pitched around the childrens UK and US networks early in the new year.
Please take a look, comment, rate, share this short and hopefully it will go far...

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

14 Dec 2011

::Big Update::

Soooo... as you can see I've somewhat neglected the blog for a while, not intentionally I must add. I've had a hectic 6 weeks including 2 Short films, a Childrens TV Pilot, an interview, 2 Screening Nights, 1 theatre shoot and about 1000miles on the clock.
Right, the project I couldn't say much about in my previous post was a shoot with the National Film and Television School (NFTS). Oblivion Studios worked with the NFTS on a 10minute short from acclaimed director Cathy Brady (Rough Skin) starring Tom Turgoose (This Is England) and Tom Hughes (Cemetary Junction) centralised around Hull Fair. It was a long few days but was amazing!

Next!! I've been working closely with Brian Harley of Short Night Films on several short films of late. 'The Prospects' - a Pilot for CBBC, 'Resting' - a dark comedy and 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' - a live performance shoot for The Mercury Theatre, Colechester. Please check out the behind the scenes of 'Resting'. Props to Duncan Woodhouse for compiling it together.

and... Another short film I worked on was 'Parasite'. Directed by Lyle Jackson of Anti/Type Films. Parasite has had a warm welcome onto the screening/ festival scene so far. Here's to hoping this continues.

Finally... It's here! (and over on the Reels page) My latest showreel!!

NICE!! Thats everything I think!
Cheers for reading and apologies for being sooooo quiet recently :)